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 2023 Board of Directors

2 year director:Clarence Korson

President: Mark Scholten

3 year year director: Tami Buschard

Treasurer: Kathy Bannink

Vice President: Vern Scott

1 year Director: Jim Stuart

Secretary: Irv Boerson


About Us


The Antique Farm Power Club is dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of farm life when small family farms were the lifeblood of our culture and to demonstrate that lifestyle and heritage to future generations. We hope that providing this glimpse of the past will encourage the next generation to carry on this tradition so that young people will take on the task of keeping these wonderful inventions in working condition for the benefit of everyone.

The majority of members have a restored gas or steam engine or a tractor or 2 that we are proud to display and show to others.  We often take the machines on trips ranging from local parades and shows, regional and national manufacturer shows. 

Over 50 of our members haul their tractors all the way to the Straits of Mackinac to participate in the annual Mackinac Bridge Crossing of 1466 plus antique tractors in September.  For 2021, the Annual Crossing will occur Saturday, September 11, 2021Membership in the Club is required.


The Club was started by a group of antique farm equipment enthusiasts in 1991 and was officially incorporated on March 9, 1992.  Its first president was Paul Jensen.  Initially, the annual show was held in Fremont, but was later moved to Newaygo and then to its current site at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds around the year 2000.

The Club started with 18 members. In the course of its 27 year history, the club has had 5 presidents:  Paul Jensen, Wally Weber, Vern Scott, Keith Anderson and presently, Mark Scholten. Today, over 150 enthusiasts, both men and women, enjoy Club membership

 Historical highlights include:

1991--(Feb)A meeting took place at the Oakridge Restaurant in Newaygo, MI for collectors who have farm machinery.  Thirty plus people showed up for this event.  Eighteen people signed up to be members.  Dues were $5. (Apr) the name of Antique Farm Power Club was voted on by the membership.  (Jul)The Club had its first tractor and engine show during the Fremont Old Fashioned Days festivities. 

1992--A time for change again for AFPC.  the club signed with the Early Days Gas Engine & Tractor Association(EDGE & TA) as Branch #42.  Also the paperwork for the club to be incorporated was sent in to the State as was the paperwork to be registered as a nonprofit organization. (Jul) The tractor show was held three blocks north of the park in Fremont along with the car show during the National Baby Food Festival. (Oct) Our first Plow Day was held at Marv Witte's farm.

1993--The Club reviewed the annual dues in March and a one time $25 initiation fee was implemented.  This action was to help get the Club incorporated.  The dues were also raised to $10 per member.  (Aug) the AFPC Show was held at the Newaygo County Fair.

1994--The AFPC Show was held the second weekend in June at the Newaygo County Fairgrounds.  The featured make was John Deere along with Michigan made engines.  Activities at the show included a daily parade, tractor games, threshing, baling, slow races.  There were also vendors with arts and crafts as well as a toy show.

1995--The success of the AFPC has been growing.  A proposal from the MI IHC Chapter #1 was considered by the Club for hosting International Harvester for the 1995 Show.  The Club voted to have the state IHC show in conjunction with our own show along with Maytag engines.  Tractor pulling was added as a grandstand show.

1996--The show was destined to be bigger and better than ever.  The featured make was Minneapolis Moline along with Fairbanks Morse engines.  We also hosted the national MM Prairie Gold Rush and a banquet was held for the MM collectors.

1997--Allis Chalmers was the featured make for the show along with Witte engines and small model engines.  A small display of  antique trucks were present at the show as The American Truck Historical Society had joined our show as a joint sponsor.

1998--Since our club is Chapter 42 of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, it was our turn to host the Eastern(now Northeast)Division of the EDGE & TA show this year.  There was a tent displaying brochures and pamphlets about this fine organization.

2009--Since we were featuring International Harvester machines, the Michigan Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors(Chapter 11) elected to also host its annual state show in conjunction with ours.

2010--The West Michigan Ford Model A Club elected to hold its annual Swap Meet in conjunction with our club.  This has become an annual tradition.  

2012-- For the first time in 14 years, the Club again hosted the Northeast Regional EDGE & TA Show in conjunction with our 21st Annual Antique Tractor and Engine Show in June.  The combined shows were held at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds on Heights-Ravenna Road, Fruitport, MI. We featured Oliver Tractors, Pick-up Trucks, Allis Chalmers and Simplicity Garden Tractors and Continental Stationary Engines. 

2013--Featuring Foreign-Built Tractors, Walk-Behind Garden Tractors, Hercules/Economy Engines and Antique Trucks beginning with the Letter "D".  Over 100 exhibitors participated.

2014--Featuring "Green Machines"(John Deere Tractors, Garden/Lawn Tractors and Hit and Miss Engines) and Jeep Trucks. A total of 114 tractors participated as well as numerous garden tractors and hit and miss engines.  Tractor pulls were moved to the new grandstand arena. 

2015--Featuring Allis Chalmers, Minneapolis-Moline and Silver King Tractors and Garden Tractors, Maytag Engines and vintage GM and GMC Trucks.  New this year, the Farm Stock Tractor Pulls were moved to Saturday evening, June 13 to increase its appeal. 

2016--For the first time in 7 years, the annual show will feature Red Power--International Harvester Tractors and Trucks.

2017--The Club will be host to the national Early Days Gas Engine and Tractor Association's board of directors annual meeting.

* Featuring Ford tractors and equipment, Ford lawn & garden tractors, Michigan made gas engines and antique Ford trucks.

This will be the 1st year of having a pony pull.

The Water Wonderland antique wooden boat club of Michigan attended our March 8th meeting and spoke for a few minutes about having a common interest in antique and vintage items. They inturn, talked to another group that has what he calls "fin" boats. the 1950 through 1960 fiberglass boats. They will all be coming to our show. They are also going to link their website to this website  so you can access both with the click of a button.

They also invited us to the boat show they put on June 3rd. It is a one day show at Mill Point park in Spring Lake by the Holiday Inn hotel.  

The Grand A's Model A car club of grand Rapids was contacted and invited to join in with the port Side A's car club at the show. They said they would go on a road trip and stop in for a few hours. They said they prefer to drive their cars and have people see them.   

Home Depot will be at the show on Saturday in the kids games area for a small building project. (birdhouse)?

I'm still talking to the Lake shore quilting guild about having a quilting demonstration on Friday and Saturday. They said they would be delighted to put on a demonstration.

2018--Featured tractor this year is anything that starts with a "C"

I have invited the Farmall Cub group. They have a forum that only deals with Cub tractors and equipment. To get to know them, register at Also, go to the learning center and read the article I put on there titled" anybody for a CubFest" to learn what they do.

We will be having a Cub tug this year. Only Farmall Cubs are allowed. This is for bragging rights only. No hook fee, just having fun

There will be a Doodlebug pull this year. Possibly doodleBugs and Cubs pulling side by side.

* After 26 years of being affiliated with EDGE&TA, the membership voted to go a different direction for our insurance needs. As of April 15, 2018, we will no longer be branch #42 of EDGE&TA.

I talked to the people at AeroMed. They are checking into their schedule to see if they can make an appearence at out tractor show this year. If your not sure who AeroMed is, that is the helicopter ambulance out of Grand Rapids International airport.

ProMed will be joining us again this year Friday and Saturday.

Fruitport Fire Department from Cloverville is checking to see if the dates fit their schedule. They came to the show last year but had to go on an emergency run.


Feature tractor is Oliver, Garden tractors , Oliver, gas engines, open to any make or model.

Trucks will be from the decades

We are now taking credit cards for payments of dues and club merchandise. Hopefully, this will speed up the process of paying the dues on time and easier for those that can't make it to the meetings.


John Deere is the feature tractor, lawn tractor and gas engine

Dodge is the featured truck

We will have a new blacksmith at the 2020 show this year. Please welcome Derrick Fish when you see him at his demonstration area

Silverwood Sawmill will be back again. Last year they had a conflict and couldn't attend but they are looking forward to being back at the show.

Valley truck will be bringing the Green Monster to pull again this year.

The Club purchased a shingle mill and we will have that on display and working along with the saw mill we purchased last year.

Because of COVID-19, the show had to be canceled.

Covid-19 strikes again, The 13th annual Mackinac Bridge Crossing has been canceled.

Club Officers

Election of Officers is held annually in September.  The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer hold one-year terms.  Three members of the Board of Directors serve three-year terms. Officers for 2020 are:

President:  Mark Scholten (616) 293-1961


Vice President:  Vern Scott

Secretary:  Glen Lerch

Treasurer:  Gayle Brondyke

Board of Directors:  Michael Wolgamott (2021), John Wells (2022) & Mike Bannink (2023)

Club Newsletter

A monthly newsletter is published for members and friends of the Club.  Its purpose is to communicate Club events and promote the Club's mission.  The Editor is Tami Stob who may be contacted through

Donations to Charity 

Club members recognize how fortunate they are to be part of the communities in which we live and are supportive of organizations that care for the less fortunate.  Club members make a donation to LOVE Inc of Newaygo County.  With a matching grant through the Fremont Community Foundation, Our gift is enlarged and is used for food, clothing and other assistance for families in need in our community.

We also work with the group known as MOKA. To learn more about MOKA, go to the web page "Charities".

We are a 501(C)3 non profit Michigan corporation so any donations made to us are tax deductable.

Community Service

Club members are active in our communities.  Members volunteer themselves and their equipment in helping to clean and maintain the Muskegon County Fairgrounds in the Spring and throughout the summer season.  Hundreds of hours are tallied by our members in raking, hauling leaves, mowing and otherwise ensuring the fairgrounds are presentable for the many activities held at the fairground throughout the summer season. 

2020 Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors