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A 501(C)3 Michigan non profit corporation                 Note: Dues mailing address on left column under page links
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Check back often as this website is constantly changing to keep you updated.

 2021 Board of Directors

3 year director: John Wells

President: Mark Scholten

2 year director: Michael Wolgamott

Treasurer: Gayle Brondyke

Vice President: Vern Scott

1st year Director: Mike Bannink

Secretary: Irv Boerson

     3rd year director: Jim Stuart                                                                                                                                                       

We're in the process of collecting names, and once the list has been put on here, I appoligize in advance if anyone has been missed. If you know of a name we missed, please call me so I can add that name. (616) 293-1961

In Memory

Listed in alphebetical order, followed by the town they were from, the year they joined and then the year they passed. Some info is missing so if you can make the corrections, please call me. Mark

Alvin Maat Muskegon 2003 06/26/2021

Carl Fahling Grand Rapids 1999 04/14/2021

Bob Anderson Muskegon 2006 08/13/2020

Bob Roeloffs Wayland 8/3/2020

Amy Hecksel Spring Lake 2020 07/21/2020

Larry Brinkman Fremont 1991 03/02/2020

Joe Tyndall Fruitport 06/25/2019

Leonard Brock Sparta 04/03/2019

Jim Armock Marne 2003 4/5/2016

Wendell Beuschel Sparta

Bruce Bott Cedar Springs 2018

Ron Brantman Muskegon 2012 2/1/2018

Joan Bulthouse Nunica 2/2/2017

Bob Carlson Cedar Springs 1996

Ed Dagon Twin Lake 1992 2/21/2006

Evert Duer Fremont 1991

Harland Eichenberg White Cloud 1993 2/8/2002

Riich & Fran Eichenberg White Cloud 1993

Glen Fletcher Spring Lake 1992

Lea Joyce Ford Bailey           2011

Andy Hass ???

Andrew Hawes, Jr

Duane Hendrixon Muskegon 2007

Walton Hogan Holton 1995

Norman Holden

Roy Janes Muskegon 1991 9/24/2006

Bob & Mary Jones Newaygo 1991 7/12/2000

Carole Konkle Fremont 1994

Tom Koopman Hudsonville 2008 1/27/2015

Joyce Koopman Hudsonville 4/24/?

Vern Lang Kent City 1992 2/15/2013

Daniel Lutz Casnovia 1999

Darell Miller Ravenna 2010 9/9/2015

Marvin Moon Fremont 1996 12/28/2002

Ed Nash Comstock Park 1993 5/1/2000

Wayne Peavey White Cloud 1995 10/22/2004

Dorothy Philo Fremont 1993 8/30/2017

Gene Preston Conklin 1997 7/23/2003

Caryl Schaefer Newaygo 2001 2/9/2012

Don Schaefer Conklin 1994 10/14/2002

Claude Shue Fremont 2002

Pat Shue Fremont 2002

Marge Stroven Coopersville 2003 10/1/2015

Charles Suess Fremont 2000 10/1/2016

Glen Tibbs Twin Lake 1993 1/8/2015

Ruth Tibbs Twin Lake 2000

Joan Town Muskegon 2009

Robert Van Malsen Muskegon 1993 2/20/2004

Dorothy Westbrook Newaygo 1999 2/3/2004

Leo Westbrook Newaygo 1999